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The Company:
Dynamic Progress International Limited was founded in 2005 by two groups of professionals specializing in oil refinery industries and electronics manufacturing & computerized controls industries. The company engages in alternative fuel development and is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. The company's major focus is on alternative fuels of which biodiesel manufacturing is our major product through waste/used cooking oil or animal fat recycling. We have a full-fledged organization with management professionals and technical staffs in our office and factory locations. We have onsite manufacturing engineers and quality assurance team to ensure our product meets the required standards. We also have teams of collection staffs collecting used cooking oil or animal fats from restaurants and catering facilities alike throughout the territories in Hong Kong. Besides our office and factory, we have also eleven staging centers in various locations throughout Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Staging center is a temporary storage area by which unnecessary transportations between collection locations and the factory are reduced or eliminated. Dynamic Progress is owned by two companies of which the majority shareholder is a Hong Kong listed company, Alltronics.

Our Facilities:
Dynamic Progress International Limited is headquartered in Hong Kong with its office located in Shatin. The office address is:

Unit 807, 8/F, Hopeful Factory Centre
10 - 16 Wo Shing Street
Fo Tan, Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong

Our waste recycling and biodiesel manufacturing plant is located at a site in Lung Ku Tan, Tuen Mun of the New Territories in Hong Kong. Our current output capacity of our manufacturing facility is 22,000 ton per annum expandable to 66,000 ton.

Our Mission:
Being the first bio-fuel company in Hong Kong, Dynamic Progress strives to provide solutions to waste recycling in Hong Kong while contributes to the alternate fuel development in the territories without competing with human food chain; thereby reduces overall carbon emission to the environment in Hong Kong and neighboring territories.

The Company Creeds:

Dynamic Progress aims to improve the environment of Hong Kong by introducing green energy to various industries in the territories through manufacturing alternate green fuels with proven technology by recycling waste such as used cooking oil.

Dynamic Progress abides itself to safeguard safety and benefits of the public at large in the process of manufacturing clean energy without introducing pollution to the environment while avoiding competing directly or indirectly with human food chain.

The Management Team:
Being the first bio-fuel company in Hong Kong, Dynamic Progress strives to provide solutions to waste recycling in Hong Kong while contributes to the alternate fuel development in the territories without competing with human food chain; thereby reduces overall carbon emission to the environment in Hong Kong and neighboring territories.

Managing Director: Mr. Wing On Yau who is an registered engineer from Canada.
Mr. Yau has over 35 years of experience in computerized controls industry and has managed a global multi-national company in the Asia Region prior to founding the company in 2005.
Executive Director: Mr. Steve Choi who is a chartered accountant from the United States of America. Mr. Choi possesses more than 20 years of corporate accounting and auditing experiences. He is also an associate of a licensed and practicing chartered accountant firm in USA.
Board of Directors: There are 6 directors of the company with three directors including the Chairman from Alltronics.


Major Business Focus:
Dynamic Progress International Limited is the first fully licensed manufacturer of blended biodiesel fuel in Hong Kong, which makes us the pioneer of  commercial body properly licensed to produce green/alternate fuel suitable for use in vehicles in this part of the world. In addition to the production technology used to produce the renewable alternate fuel adopted in our Tuen Mun factory in the New Territories of Hong Kong, Dynamic Progress International Limited is also inherited with more than 20 years of experience in specialized design, contracting, building and operating wasted-oil-to-diesel refineries and other specified processes throughout the world with new team of professionals joining our team since the startup of its manufacturing plant in Tuen Mun.

Dynamic Progress' factory in Hong Kong was built and is now operating based on a proven technology that recycles waste/used cooking oil from restaurants and other suitable sources of feedstock such as animal fat or alike. As one of the company creeds states "not to compete directly or indirectly with food chain",our business model is truthfully an alternate fuel manufacture of green energy which does not drive food price up as previously witnessed in various cooking oil price hikes, because the company's plant uses only waste/used cooking oil, grease or disposed animal fats as raw material/ feedstock. Dynamic Progress also contemplates other sources of raw material/feedstock which are unsuitable for human consumption, therefore avoiding competing with human food chain.

In Hong Kong, our goal is to recycle the majority of locally generated waste/used cooking oil which is either being dumped into waste landfill sites or drained into public drainage system, some even being shipped outside of Hong Kong to other parts of Asia and neighboring countries to be processed and sold by some scrupulous and unethical merchants to the markets of highly suspected irregularities such as for human consumption. By targeting waste/used cooking oil and other sources of fat, we are killing two birds with one stone:

To provide green renewable biodiesel fuel to industrial and vehicle use, thereby reducing global warming which in turns protects our environment.

To prevent recycled waste/used cooking oil and other sources of fat unfit for human consumption from returning to the food chain by properly recycling it into useful biodiesel fuel while stopping waste/cooking oil and alike being improperly or unlawfully disposed.

Our plant in Tuen Mun is designed initially to handle 60 tons of waste/used cooking oil or disposed animal fat daily which is expandable to double or triple the capacity. Our daily production capacity of biodiesel is designed to produce 60,000 liters daily, expandable to 200,000 liters per day depending upon the collection capacity and available waste/used cooking oil as well as other sources of feed stock. Though Hong Kong has only recently come up with a Biodiesel Standard which was passed in legislation and became the law in Hong Kong in July of 2010, our quality standard of biodiesel was already in compliant with global biodiesel standard for various type of diesel fuel (industrial grade and vehicle grade) prior to the legislation of the law on vehicle use of B5 in Hong Kong. We are currently marketing both B100 & B10 Biodiesel, which is aimed to be utilized in industrial equipment such as boilers, and B5 Biodiesel which is proven to be fit for use in diesel powered on-road or off-road vehicles.

The Technologies:
While we are utilizing proven biodiesel technology in producing green biodiesel fuel for the market in Hong Kong, Dynamic Progress International Limited also engages in providing consultancy services to the industry of alternate energy. For instance, we are working with various bodies in identifying potential development for biomass and solar energy applications in Hong Kong and other part of the world. Depending on local sources and composition of available feedstock or energy, Dynamic Progress International Limited can design, install, and operate a facility suitable for a specific location and its needs.
Given our strong commitment, experience and expertise, we are dedicated and committed to serving our customers with environment friendly green fuels and cost-effective solutions for facilities suitable for various alternatives for green energy production applications.