31 October 12

Eco Expo Asia 2012

From 27 to 30 October 2012, the 7th Eco Expo was held in the Asia World - Expo in Hong Kong. Dynamic Progress International Limited, as a pioneer in green energy, is proud to be one of the exhibitors. As a participant, we aimed to promote the development of green energy, to increase the popularity of the use of biodiesel in Hong Kong, and to deliver an important message to our visitors within and outside the industry. This message allows people to understand: “Recycle locally and reuse locally is the true and effective way that eliminates carbon footprint induced by overseas transportations of raw materials to be recycled or the finished products from recycling back and forth Hong Kong”, which in turn reduces significant amount of GHGs. We hope more owners of restaurants and food catering outlets are able to understand that choosing a green local recycling company with a good reputation is extremely important, as this will first of all avoid waste cooking oil falling into the hands of unscrupulous traders; consequently prevent used cooking oil from returning back to human food chain and finally protect the health of the general public at large. We would also like to provide more relevant information by which diesel fuel users would be able to understand better the benefits of using biodiesel. As a result, we hope initiatives in using green energy will be taken more and more widely and seriously by the society in Hong Kong as a whole. Ultimately and most importantly, this will be the most effective means to reduce large amount of unnecessary carbon emissions, hence protect and safeguard public health.
About ECO Expo Asia:
Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Messe Frankfurt (HK) Limited, ECO Expo Asia is the only environmental products and services exhibition in Hong Kong, with 269 exhibitors from 16 countries and regions showcased their products and services in ECO Expo Asia last year.