30 July 12

Go Green Awards 2012

In July 2012, Dynamic Progress was awarded the fourth Go Green Awards for their commitments to bring environmental protection into action in the context of transport in our daily lives which is one of the four human basic needs (clothing, food, shelter and transport). Our efforts on promoting locally recycled biodiesel have been highly recognized in this award which inevitably sets a good example for the general public. Mentioned in the award-winning coverage (Volume 673 of Weekend Weekly), our company is the first biodiesel manufacturer in Hong Kong, which is also the first in promoting biodiesel from local waste cooking oil recycling to the industry in Hong Kong. Our company has always insisted in upholding “Recycle Local, Reuse Local” principle, so that carbon emissions are minimized while preventing unscrupulous traders from exporting waste cooking oil back to human consumption. Other Go Green Awards Winners, including Carbon Care Asia and Hong Kong Discovery, are Hong Kong famous environmental groups and agencies.