27 February 13

EMSD Technology Seminar on Biodiesel Utilization

Dynamic Progress International was honored to participate as a speaker in the Technology Seminar on Biodiesel Utilization hosted by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) of Hong Kong on 3 January, 2013. EMSD organizes various internal technology seminars, aiming to share the advancements of technology and best practices so as to keep its technical staff team constantly updated on global technology trend. Over 60 technical staff and engineers of EMSD attended in the seminar.

Being the first biodiesel manufacturer in the recycling industry, as well as the first supplier of biodiesel to the Government on her biodiesel (B5) pilot scheme, Dynamic Progress was invited to participate and share our first-hand experiences in the field. We are honored to be able to share our past experience on the successful “Recycle Local Reuse Local” model and how it could effectively benefit roadside air quality in Hong Kong and alleviate global warming problem. We are also pleased to be able to share with all the audiences our experience in green manufacturing method, the importance of making sure biodiesel meeting the standard (EN14214) and various technical challenges facing biodiesel. We are confident that the seminar would help promote the use of biodiesel among other HKSAR departments and help propagate the message to other industries (e.g. construction) on the benefits of supporting locally recycled and locally produced biodiesel.

At the end of the seminar during the Q&A session, questions were raised on biodiesel storage and its shelf life, especially for standby generators. This has undoubtedly cast a mutual concern which worries many biodiesel users and the concern is well founded. Biodiesel tends to deteriorate faster under humid and high temperature environment if not probably treated. It should be stored under dry condition preferably with constant surrounding temperature. Owners of standby generators intending to use biodiesel are strongly advised to take proper precautions in dealing with biodiesel storage.