Products and Services Brief

Dynamic Progress provides green recycling solution from collection of waste cooking oil to selling of renewable green fuel "Biodiesel" which is made by transforming of waste cooking oil . Below are some of our unique services for your references.
A)        BENEFITS
1.        Protection of Public Health
By some unscrupulous merchants, a good portion of waste/used cooking oil produced in Hong Kong is being shipped and recycled outside of Hong Kong for human consumption; most of these are destined to customers in southern part ofChina. In European Union, used cooking oil for animal feeding is prohibited, naturally and not to mention strictly forbidden for human consumption, mainly due to health consideration and high potential of cross food contamination. Dynamic Progress is the only green environmental protection company in Hong Kong to recycle waste/used cooking oil properly to produce environmentally friendly alternate fuel (bio-diesel) without posing threats and negative impact to human consumption (food chain). Our clients can be rest assured waste/used cooking oil collected by Dynamic Progress will benefit the environment while not posing any threats to human food chain.
2.        Efficiency and Flexibility
Our program provides single contact point for used cooking oil collection and diesel refilling exercises (if adopted). By consolidating these activities, our program avoids duplication of logistics in transportation while minimizing interruptions to your operations. As a result, lower costs will result as high efficiency is obtained in your workforce by consolidating the tasks of transportation and refilling. By cutting down unnecessary use of fuel by optimizing the effectiveness of logistics, it ultimately reduces greenhouse gas emission thereby directly reducing global warming impact. Our program also provides flexible scheduling of pickup or refilling time to suit our client's requirements during emergency.
3.        Safety Consideration
We have a team of professionals who devote their efforts to ensure all aspects of safety are thoroughly considered in the course of collecting waste/used cooking oil from our clients’ sites/premises. These include considerations from logistics such as safety of collection trolley design, oil container design and other related issues, to potential risks associated with the actual process of waste/used cooking oil collection. We conduct safety training on a regular basis to our oil collection staff to abide to safety regulations to avoid potential hazards in handling waste/used oil collection and to strictly observe public safety regulations to ensure the public and our clients’ properties are effectively and adequately safeguarded.
4.        Cleanliness
Recognizing cleanliness is one of most critical and crucial hygienic considerations for our clients, our collection teams are fitted with appropriate uniforms and collection utensils to properly carry out their duties of collecting waste/used oil from food handling facilities within the client such that high degree of hygiene standard is maintained.  Our collection team is properly trained to keep the environment clean during the entire waste/used oil collection process.
5.        Made in Hong Kong
Biodiesel is a renewable fuel manufactured from a spectrum of vegetable oil such as soybean oil, corn oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil, etc., andvarious types of animal fats. This potentially creates a fierce competition between biodiesel and human food chain. Dynamic Progress useswaste/used cooking oil as feedstock, thereby avoiding competition with human food chain which becoming a major issue facing biodiesel manufacturers worldwide today. In fact, competition with food chain has proven to be driving up food prices which pose strong threat and negative impact to individuals and the world as a whole. Dynamic Progress uses waste/used cooking oil as feedstock, thereby does not manufacture biodiesel at the expense of high food prices for human consumption.
6.        Environmental Friendly
Biodiesel is as biodegradable as sugar, and ten times less toxic than table salt. This makes biodiesel ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas and applications. Additionally, biodiesel reduces net CO2 emissions by 78 percent, according to a 1998 biodiesel lifecycle study, jointly sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This is because the CO2 released into the atmosphere when biodiesel is burned, is being recycled by growing plants, which are later processed into fuel. Biodiesel also reduces exhaust emissions, minimizing black smoke more than 50% and smog-causing particulate matter, odor, and harmful carcinogens. As biodiesel contains undetectable or no sulfur content; it does notcontribute to sulfur dioxide emissions (acid rain) which is extremely hazardous to the environment.
7.        Other Advantages of Biodiesel
Ø   Biodiesel is renewable - a growing source of alternative energy.
Ø   Unlimited resources as opposed to petroleum derived diesel fuel.
Ø   Highly adoptable by diesel engine/equipment with no or very minor modifications.
Ø   Drastically Reduces greenhouse gas emissions – reduce global warming.
Ø   Minimize vehicle tailpipe emissions, including air toxins.
Ø   Nontoxic, biodegradable, and suitable for sensitive environments.
Ø   Because of its relatively higher flash point, Biodiesel is safer to store compared to petroleum diesel and gasoline.
Ø   Scientific research confirms that biodiesel exhaust has a less harmful impact to human health than petroleum diesel fuel. Biodiesel emissions have decreased levels of potentially carcinogenic compounds.
The National Biodiesel Board, an industry group, reports that biodiesel sales in the United States have increased from1,900,000 liters in 1999 to 285 million liters in 2005. Recently in the past 3 years, this figure has undergone numerous folds of increases.This is undoubtedly attributed to the environment friendliness of biodiesel. In Hong Kong, the use of biodiesel has recently experienced good initial success, though solely driven by Dynamic Progress but with the supports of awareness of many environmentally sensitive organizations and businesses, biodiesel usage is beginning to rise as these organizations begin to use it as alternative source of fuel. Dynamic Progress’client targets are on-road and off-road vehicles including the PublicAuthorities and other environmentally conscious organizations and businesses. In other applications, our client base stretches from commercial diesel boilers such as commercial laundry operators to marine engine applications such as recreational motor driven yacht and luxurious private boat owners.
Other than manufacturing in Hong Kong, Dynamic Progress’s business model provides the following distinctive positions which benefit OUR society in Hong Kong as a whole:
Ø We utilize waste/using cooking oil produced locally in Hong Kong, we rely 100% on local feedstock, therefore, reduce our dependence on imported sources. This reduces environmentally harmful greenhouse emission thereby reduces global warming effect.
Ø Our factory is located in the New Territories in the district of Tuen Mun, we utilize local labour and facilities in our manufacturing processes. It is 100% local industry which creates local job opportunities in the society. We employ a crew of more than 8 people just in the oil collection process alone. Other positions include manufacturing plant operators and office staff.
Ø Biodiesel in the form of B5 (5% blend with 95% ULSD) can generally be used in existing diesel engines without modification. This can be easily adopted in Hong Kong which will benefit our environment.
For biodiesel supply, we provide door to door services in blended biodiesel such as B5 or B10 to fit for your operation requirements. We have licensed DG truck with maximum capacity up to 15,000 liters. It could be directly refilled into your fuel tank or facilities. On the other hands, we can supply in different capacity of container such as 200 liters per barrel or 18 liters per can or by the other form which is subject to your request.
For used cooking oil collection services, as the information stated above, we can customize our service model to meet with your requirement as result to zero interruption in your daily operation.